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For Lara, it’s teamwork and ideas that count

As a Democrat living and working in a Republican-leaning community in southern New Mexico, 2nd Congressional District candidate Roxanne “Rocky” Lara says she’s developed a knack for working well with political opponents.

Lara, a 39-year-old family law attorney from Carlsbad, said that kind of collaborative attitude is an essential for Congress these days.


Lara Ad Hits Pearce on Medicare

Rocky Lara is airing a second campaign ad and it is going after Steve Pearce on votes regarding Medicare and tax cuts for wealthy Americans.

The ad features a woman saying “Congressman Pearce voted to end Medicare as we know it.”

This is referring to a 2011 vote for a budget proposal put forward by Paul Ryan, that multiple media outlets said would essentially end Medicare in its current state.


Guest Column: Bring NM values to Congress

As I travel across southern New Mexico and talk with folks in every corner of the district, the sentiment is the same everywhere I go: they are fed up with Congress and its dysfunction. The constant bickering and partisanship in Washington is leaving southern New Mexico in its wake.

It’s clear that Congress could use a dose of southern New Mexican values.