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Guest Column: Bring NM values to Congress

As I travel across southern New Mexico and talk with folks in every corner of the district, the sentiment is the same everywhere I go: they are fed up with Congress and its dysfunction. The constant bickering and partisanship in Washington is leaving southern New Mexico in its wake.

It’s clear that Congress could use a dose of southern New Mexican values.


Governor's race is a boring slog, but Pearce-Lara is a spirited contest

Remember those old commercials for Geritol? "When your get-up-and-go got up and went?"

If this gubernatorial campaign were a person, it could use a swig. These days, we'd recommend Red Bull or 5-Hour Energy. Anything to give it some oomph. In southern New Mexico, the 2nd Congressional District candidates must be consuming energy drinks by the case.


GOP Sees Latino Model in Pearce, NM-2; Dems See Opportunity

When Republicans began looking for ways to win over some of the Latino vote they so badly lost in the 2012 presidential race, their national party chairman pointed to a congressional district that spans the southern half of New Mexico.

The massive and rural district that extends to the Mexico border is something of a rarity these days: The predominantly Latino area is represented a white, conservative Republican. His name is Steve Pearce.